I Believe

Color brightens our lives.

Brushstrokes should be wild and not restricted.

We all have walls that are hungry for a painting.

A painting can be the good friend you haven’t met yet.

I like to start a painting with a brush full of orange paint.

My favorite mountain is the one in front of me.

Failures mark the path to big breakthroughs.

I believe… sunrises, sunsets and ocean waves need to be watched.

Mondays are best in front of the easel.

I believe… everyone can paint. Do a little bit every day.

Start each day by gazing at a painting that brings you joy.

Paint your day wildly using brush or pen or words. You are unique.

Welcome to my website
My name is Jan Sanders Stitt. I am founder and owner of Alaskan Raven Studio.
I sign my paintings Raven.

Watch an eight minute video of me painting wildly. I don’t want to create a painting that looks like a bear. I want you to feel it’s power and see it breathing. I place brushstrokes of color that appear random but are carefully placed to invite your eyes to dance around the composition. Color vibrating against color.
Experience movement holding still.

Raven in Studio

Add a splash of color to your day and see your world in a fresh new way.
Keep in touch with Alaskan Raven Studio by receiving: STUDIO NOTES


Paintings by Raven can be seen at these galleries:

The Alaska House Art Gallery
1003 Cushman Street
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701 (907) 456-6449

Stephan Fine Arts
939 West 5th Ave.
Anchorage, Alaska 99501 (907) 274-5009