I Believe

I believe… in color.

I believe… you tame a blank white canvas with a brush full of cadmium orange.

I believe… color brightens our lives.

I believe… all walls need more color. Preferably color on canvas or Arches watercolor stock.

I believe… sunrises, sunsets and ocean waves need to be watched.

I believe… cerulean blue, dark purple and coral pigment play well together.

I believe… brushstrokes should be wild. They shouldn’t be in cages.

I believe… my favorite mountain is the one in front of me.

I believe… a shirt becomes real when there is paint on it.

I believe… Mondays are best in front of the easel.

I believe… everyone can paint. Do a little bit every day.

I believe… my bears give me an excuse to play with color.

I believe… the painting is done when it growls.

I believe… that failures mark the path to big breakthroughs.

I believe… you have a wall that is hungry for a painting.

I believe… a painting can inspire you to have a better day.

I believe… that a painting can be the good friend you haven’t met yet.

Come into my studio and smell the paint.
Let me share my love of painting with you.

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I traded in my 8-5 job
for the opportunity to stand in front of an easel and mix paint every day.
Best decision I ever made.

Raven in Studio

You can see my paintings at these galleries:

The Alaska House Art Gallery
1003 Cushman Street
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701 (907) 456-6449

Stephan Fine Arts
939 West 5th Ave.
Anchorage, Alaska 99501 (907) 274-5009

Connections with my patrons are important to me.
Your feedback and encouragement keeps my brush fueled and painting wildly.

“I am enjoying it. It’s on the wall beside my kitchen. It is so dreamy and Alaskan.” -T.C.

“I love your painting on my wall” -C.C.

“I love falling into it – over and over again.” -M.B.

“I fell in love with that painting. I get many compliments on it.” – D.K.

“Our painting is proudly displayed and we walk by it many times a day. It sure is part of us!! We are so enjoying our painting!” -L.E.

“We get so many compliments on our painting.” -J.P.

“They love your painting. It was so much fun to give it to them.” – B.S.